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3 Reasons to Try and Win a Big Berkey

With lots of contests and giveaways out there, it can be tough to decide which ones to enter. Some offer prizes that may or may not get a lot of use in the home. Others may not be something truly worthwhile. But when the opportunity arises to win a big berkey, stop everything and enter. Here are three reasons why families will want to add a Big Berkey to their home for free.

Filtered Out Contaminants

What’s really in the water that most people drink? Many are surprised when they see the list of things that make their way into the drinking water. A Big Berkey easily filters out over fifteen different things that could cause harm to a family. This includes everything from certain types of bacteria and viruses to things like chlorine and arsenic.

Better Taste

Without contaminants, water tastes different. From the first sip from a Big Berkey, families are immediately hooked on the great taste. Because the water tastes better, there are countless other things found in the kitchen that are going to taste better. That pitcher of lemonade, made with water from the Big Berkey is going to be different. That first cup of coffee in the morning will be much more rich because of the filtered water.

Convenient for Everyone

Adding a large filtration system to a home is anything but convenient. And filling up small pitchers multiple times a day just to get a good glass of water can be a hassle. Because the Big Berkey holds over two gallons of water, for many families, the need to fill up only takes place once a day. This means that the wait time for clean, great tasting water is minimized. Because there is no need to pour the water, even the smaller kids at home will be able to get themselves a drink unassisted.

A Big Berkey filters out contaminants and creates a better taste. It’s something that everyone in the house will use. And, it could be free. Out of all the contests and giveaway entered, the opportunity to win a Big Berkey is well worth the time it takes to fill out an online form.