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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Bathroom Design Guide

For every home, cabinets in the bathroom play a critical role in how useful that room is. Most often, the bathroom does not have enough storage space, so if you can, add bathroom cabinets to your design. Cabinets can be placed from floor to ceiling, thereby maximizing the storage area while not taking up any extra floor space. Another good option is to consider adding vanity cabinets to the bathroom. This provides not only storage but much-needed counter space. The vanity makes for beautiful storage, and can be used to hide the plumbing needed for a sink or two that can be installed in the vanity, yet make those pipes accessible when needed.

Bathroom cabinets do add a great deal to the appearance of the bathroom, so you will want to think about the room’s overall appearance that you would like to achieve prior to making a cabinet purchase. If you would like a lighter country design look, for example, you might select cabinets that are finished with a light stain, to leave the natural wood texture visible. For a more dramatic look, you could paint the cabinets in a rich hue, thereby changing the feel of the room entirely. You can also change the look of the cabinets by switching to different door handles and hinges. These cabinet fittings can almost function as jewelry does to a person’s wardrobe, because you can give the cabinet a totally different look by choosing another style of cabinet hardware.

Cabinet retail and online showrooms offer many different types of cabinetry on display, so you can ask questions and see for yourself what is new in cabinets and hardware, in order to make a great choice for your own home.


Garage Door Maintenance Tips


If you have a manual opening system, then lubricate the chains (door opening) with oil. Oil can be motor oil as well. The best way to lubricate the chains is to damp the rag with oil and scrub it over the chain. In case you have a remote opening system, inspect the position of the antenna. It should be pointed towards the floor of the garage. Don’t forget to check the hanger bracket bolts. Check them for any looseness. Tight any loose bolts to ensure the safety of yours and your garage door opener.

Inspect the hinge bolts carefully. They should be tight enough on both the sides of the garage door panels. You might have noticed at some point that hinge bolts are actually the brackets holding the rollers. It is necessary to oil your rollers and hinge bolts regularly to ensure the smooth working of the rollers on the tracks. Occasionally check the hinge bolts for their tightness. If you find any loose bolts, fasten them with an adjustable wrench.


Make sure that all the bolts holding the track brackets are tight. Tight any loose bolts immediately. Another important thing you should notice is the gap between the tracks and door. The gap should be between 1/4 to 1/2 inch in all opening and closing positions. In case of any friction and looseness fix the track. For this you have to loosen the leg bolt holding the track bracket to the wall knob. Fix the track as required. You need to check for certain dents and damage on track.

Door Sensors

Door sensors are an important part of garage doors. They are responsible for opening and closing of the door. Maintaining them is an important part of garage door maintenance. To check whether door sensors are working properly or not, place a 2×4 lumber at the bottom of the door. You can use cardboard instead of a 2×4 lumber. Let the door close with 2×4 on its place. If the door reopens after touching the 2×4 then it means that door sensors are working fine. If door fails to pass this test, then you need to check the sensor wires and also sensors’ alignment. The wires should be properly connected and the sensors should be evenly balanced on both the sides of the door.

Torsion Springs

For smooth rust free working of your garage door, use a penetrating grease to spray on the torsion springs. Spraying grease on your torsion springs keep them safe from rust. Remember the torsion springs is very sensitively adjusted in its place so never attempt to adjust it yourself. It can be extremely dangerous.

Tips to Maintain Concrete Patio

Following items are required to keep your concrete patio well maintained and clean :

– Bio-Clean
– Bucket
– Cat litter
– Hose
– Laundry stain remover
– Oven cleaner
– Powdered laundry detergent
– Push broom
– Washing soda


These steps will help you to clean your concrete patio and make it look good and give it a newer look.

1. Take a bucket full of hot water and add a cup of washing soda in it. Washing soda is powerful non-toxic chemical, also known as salt of carbonic acid. It helps to remove stains and dirt easily. Washing soda is commonly used in making of soaps and detergents. Stir the mixture of hot water and washing soda. Saturate the push broom with mixture and rub it on the entire patio. After cleaning the patio, wash the patio with garden hose.

2. For hard stains or marks left over, use oven cleaner. Spray the over cleaner on the stains and other greasy matters properly. Leave the surface for 3-4 hours so that cleaner properly penetrate into the greasy matters and stains to make them loose. Later, wash with hose.

3. You can use laundry stain remover on hard stains. Apply laundry stain remover along with small amount of water on the stains and leave it for 5 minutes or so. Rub off the stains with brush and wash the area with hose.

4. For oil based marks and spots, cat litter is the best option. Scatter the cat litter on the oil based spots and grind the spot with hard blocks or hard boots. Leave it for time so that the litter absorbs all the oil. Wash it with hose afterwards.

5. Bio-clean is another powerful citrus- based agent to remove the stain, dirt, oil or any greasy spots. Bio-clean is considered as the heavy duty concrete cleaner and is biodegradable. Use it on the stain or oily spots and scrape with push broom. Later, wash the area with clean water.


– Oven cleaner is highly toxic agent. Keep children and animals away from it. It is extremely dangerous if swallowed.

– It is better to clean and wash the patio as soon as you see any stains or messes with water. If you let them soaked into the concrete, they will become hard to remove. Bio-clean is a powerful agent to remove all sorts of stains and mess. You can purchase it from any departmental store.