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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Things to Know before Buy A Kitchen

If you don’t really know the first thing about kitchen design then looking for a new kitchen can be a difficult task. Where do you start? You have to think about how much money you have, do you want to rip everything out and redesign the entire space? And the amount of styles, different designs, materials, appliances and flooring is immense. Maybe the kitchen doesn’t look so bad after all!

Don’t panic, just take it step by step and you will probably start to enjoy the challenge. The best place to start is to inspire yourself by looking at lots of home magazines or browse through some of the hundreds of kitchen design websites and identify the kind of style you prefer. Anything from rustic and traditional to modern and custom-made can be found and you’ll get an idea of the materials used for worktops, storage cupboards and sinks, as well as an idea of price.

Once you know how much you can afford then measure up your kitchen to find out how much floor space is available. Try to be as accurate with your measurements as possible and make a sketch of the layout noting down the position of any objects that may affect the way in which you lay out the kitchen, these can include doors and windows, plug points, piping and boilers.

You now have 2 choices, you can either use the kitchen design software offered by most professional kitchen designers, this means you can sit at home and play around with the layout and design until you are bored of the whole affair, or have found something you really like. Or you can visit kitchen showrooms where they will come up with a design for you. Some companies will even offer to visit your home for a free consultation and design service.

Some aspects to consider in your design are the placement of your ‘triangle’ – made up of the oven, fridge and sink you may not have a lot of choice as to where they can go due to facilities already being in place. It can also add a lot of expense to move wastepipes, etc. Also consider how much counter space you require, whether you want a sitting area, and the type of flooring best suited for your household. There are plenty of other decisions to make of course, but these will beep you busy for a while.

You can find a lot of information online about complete kitchens and which worktops and materials are most hardwearing, non porous, etc. but if it all seems like a lot of hard work then get to the nearest kitchen design outlet and let them do all the work, you can still have your say.

Once you have an idea of the layout, you can start thinking about how to make it look visually stunning. This is where you choose all the smaller items, such as door handles, open cupboards or ones with doors, deep drawers for pans and customized for cutlery, taps and flooring – there are a lot of things to decide so don’t rush into anything as once it’s done you want a look that makes you smile with satisfaction every time you walk in the room.

If you need a loan to finance your home improvement then you can inquire about their payment plans and spread the cost of your purchase. You can either keep repayments low, spreading them over the maximum period, or make extra payments to shorten the life of your loan.

The main concern for most homeowners when choosing a new kitchen is durability. Installing a new kitchen is a big project, if you’re going to make the investment you want to be sure the kitchen you choose is designed to fit your lifestyle, and will last for a very long time whilst still retaining its quality look.


Vinyl Flooring Benefits

Vinyl Floorings is the perfect blend of stone, metal, all manner of synthetic substances – and wood, offering you the spectacular look as of wooden floors or concrete. Finer quality vinyl is thicker than other vinyl materials and has a coating on the surface ensuing durability and called as wear layer. Wear layer of enhanced urethane is ought to be better as this holds up best in high traffic areas. If durability is of prime importance to you then going for vinyl flooring is commonsensical. Basically, you can choose from two types of flooring i.e. the Inlaid and Printed. In Inlaid Vinyl Flooring, the outlines and shades profoundly go through the material but in printed vinyl the veneer layer accumulates at the vinyl base. Comparatively, Printed Vinyl is not as expensive as Inlaid Vinyl flooring and slighter durable.

Now about the whooping stimulus, that creates the verve for such sort and behind these the factoids are :

1. Cosmic Choices : Vinyl Flooring is the lone class among all sorts of flooring that lets you get hold on the package full of assorted designs and numerous shades.

2. Quick and Effortless Installation : Installation of Vinyl Flooring is absolutely uncomplicated one can opt either glued down installation process or floating floor installation process, choices is all yours.

3. Akin Appearance as that of Wood : The one far-fetched advantage of this flooring is that it offers the exact look of wooden floors. In case someone desperately craves for wooden floors but delimited with undue exposure of water then can right away turn up for ideal alternative i.e. the vinyl floors, that proffers the exact impression of wooden ones.

4. Extraordinary Durability : Furthermore next piece that exert a pull is the durability of Vinyl Flooring owing to Wear layer of enhanced urethane that strengthens at the time of pressure due to high traffic. Certainly, there are no chances of additional cost.

5. Low Priced : Next best feature that delights your pocket is low price. Although, if you look at hardwood then you will be scandalized to see the entire cost since you have to incur various expenses like the Heavy price plus Installation cost plus Maintenance Cost creating grounds for heavy cost.

6. Painless Maintenance : Another impressive fact about this flooring is exceptionally unproblematic maintenance. Moreover, when you going for Vinyl Flooring, then just be calm for the reason that you are perceptibly endowed with gains of flooring which is Water-Proof, Moisture Resistant, Stain Resistant, Slip-Resistant, Comfortable Underfoot, Long-Lasting.

This was all about pros that you can derive from vinyl floors but one unfavorable fact about such flooring is that this alternative for wooden floors is not at mark resistant.


Why Decide to Repair a Damaged Worktop?

The initial benefit to take into account is obviously cost. The option to repair is by far the more economical option, it is possible to get a DIY kit for a relatively cheap price from the DIY store, and even using a professional company can save you a substantial amount in comparison to replacing the entire worktop. The main element in the reduction of this cost is the fact that an expert company can be in and out of your property in a matter of a couple of hours.

Another important benefit of choosing worktop repair over worktop replacement is the reduction in disruption to your home life. The kitchen is important to family life and if you chose to replace your worktop (be it marble, granite, laminate, wood or stone) your kitchen will be in disarray for a few days. Inevitably you would need to remove kitchen cupboards as well as the sink – sometimes even the plumbing! By choosing to repair you will not need to contend with any of this.

Is it better to have a specialist company to do the work?

If you feel confident to carry out the repair yourself there is no reason why you shouldn’t. However if you want a high quality job with nearly invisible results it is advised that you consult a professional.

Am I going to be able to see where the damage was?

If you employ someone or do a good job by yourself then the finish should be virtually indistinguishable from if you had had the worktop replaced. Both DIY kits and professional work may be performed on a range of colour worktops, so repair would work for just about any kitchen.

What kinds of damage can be repaired?

– Chips
– Dents
– Scratches
– Cracks
– Missing Corners
– Damaged Edges

As you can see it there is definitely an argument for fixing or restoring your kitchen worktops as opposed to replacing them.